Air Oasis Offers Quality You Can Count On

Green Building Council imageAir Oasis doesn't make "just another" cheap plastic home air purifier. Commercial strength and quality is engineered into every air purifier along with a long-term commitment to you.

Air Oasis Kennel Air Purifiers are:

  • Economical, light weight and easy to Install
  • Simply plug it in and let the purifying begin
  • Low Maintenance. Just replace the AHPCO Cell once every 3 years on all models, except whole building model, which is 2 years
  • 25,000 Hour Cell Life for all except whole house
  • 12 VDCUL, CE, TUV,CSA, FCC, PSE, TCA, and CCC listed power adapter (included in price)
  • Approvals: Conforms to Standards: UL-867 and EN-60335

- Air Oasis Approvals imageAir Oasis Approval image

Plus all models come with a 6-foot cord that meets domestic and international standards.

Air Oasis meets domestic and international standards

Quality Built Into Each Air Oasis Air Purifier

Here are just a few examples of the quality built into every Air Oasis UV PCO air purifier:

  • quality air purifierThey use 1/8 inch thick artistically brushed aluminum for the outer shell. They don't surround their air purifiers with cheap plastics, most of which emit VOCs.
  • The internal brackets and AHPCO Cell are fabricated in the USA of metal, not cheap plastics.
  • They use ball bearing fans in metal housings to ensure a long life.
  • They are whisper quiet.
  • They use UV lamps made in the USA that are matched perfectly with their ballast to ensure long life (three years for all but whole house UV), not the standard one year.
  • They use zero VOC paint in the AHPCO catalyst so as not to add to the air pollution problem.
  • Parts are fabricated in USA … not foreign countries.

Air Oasis ensures only the highest quality parts are used in your air purifier. With Air Oasis, quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

Air Oasis air and surface air sanitizers are carefully assembled by hand in their Texas factory. Each and every unit passes through their strict quality control management system, where they are thoroughly inspected. This process ensures every customer receives the most reliable Made in the USA air purification products available.

Air Oasis also fabricates many of the various components in-house. This allows for increased quality control. They do their best to purchase outside components from American companies and utilize American manufacturers for parts not created in-house.

Their Quality Assurance Department strives for perfection. They review and modify their quality management system on a regular basis to ensure they aren't just maintaining, but continually improving the quality built into each and every Air Oasis Air Sanifier® .

Each Unit Is Inspected Twice for Defects Before It's Shipped.

Air Oasis air purifiers have ZERO maintenance, except to replace the AHPCO Cell every three years (two for whole house). If you ship your unit back to Air Oasis to replace the AHPCO cell for you, for the price of the replacement AHPCO Cell and shipping both directions, they will:

  • Replace the AHPCO Cell
  • Inspect all components
  • Clean the unit inside and out
  • Make any new safety upgrades for free
  • Extend your warranty for two more years free of charge!

We promise you will never find another air purifier manufacturer with this much trust in their product or this strong of a commitment to their customer.

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